Bubble/Wordpress for Blogs?

Hello! I have a question and would love some advice from bubblers.

I am going to start writing a blog, and wanted to know how well bubble apps perform from an SEO perspective in comparison to something like Wordpress which is set up for blogging.

Reason I don’t want to use Wordpress is I want to be able to transition the blog / traffic from the blog into something different down the line. Perhaps a community/forum or maybe build products for the audience I am writing about etc…

Anyway. Wordpress of course is better for blogging . But bubble is much more versatile.

I also was thinking maybe I could use Wordpress and then try to incorporate my bubble app as an extension of the Wordpress site.

Overall I am stuck , and cant make a decision on what approach to take.

Any and all help/suggestions would be great !

Different subdomains ?


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