Blog SEO best strategy?

Hello. Is there any way to create a blog subpage where each article can be viewed separately?

I am creating a tool that create articles in a blog and some of the examples of pages that I see, put the title of the article as a parameter in the link.

For example:

In turn, others have a different page to display the content of the article.

For example, they show the articles on but when they click on an article, they are taken to:

However, I want it to work in such a way that the link is like this:

In they can see all the articles, and when they click on a article, they are taken to:

This is possible?. What would be the best possible way to have the best SEO strategy for articles?

Definitely possible. Take a look at my template - SEO-Friendly Blog with Ads Template | Bubble

If you have a look at the sample site, the article pages are:

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