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SEO : Page links & Blog

I am building a blog for SEO Purposes. After reading that there are too many issues to really gain traction building SEO with a dynamic article page I have gone back to manually creating a page for each article.

I was hoping to save the page name as a field in the database and then use navigate, go to page and inser the page name from the database. This doesnt seem possible in the naviagte field. Does anyone know if you can do this ? Thanks Kylie


This is as close as one can get without using url parameters

The only issue that there is is the page load speed which is not necessarily inherit to Bubble, and not only related to Bubble. It is caused by the way Google operates in relation to Javascript based websites, which every Bubble app is.

Other than the page load speed being a limiting factor in gaining traction, the rest that may cause issues is related to the content itself and other ‘off page’ factors related to the follow through of the blog owner.

Don’t. That is a complete waste of time

Not possible

Just put on your Blog data type a title used for SEO, an image used for SEO and a description used for SEO and put them into the page details sections for each respectively. Make sure the page content type is set to the Blog datatype and your dynamic expressions for the SEO sections should be ‘current page blog title’.

Then make sure you are using slugs so it all works properly based off of how slugs and current page content type function.

If you want to take it further you can add structured data directly on the page…there are some plugins that allow for this, or you can do it manually yourself.

If you are not too confident in creating everything on your own, I have created a blog template that is a robust content management system with a dynamic page layout for each blog post as you are able to build the blog post structure to fit it’s content. All aspects I laid out are part of the template including structured data, and even more SEO benefits like using links on the page to related content in the application. It is also fully responsive and looks and functions great on any device size.

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