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Blueprint example to make your own transcription service with AWS Serverless

Hey guys,

as we are big of fans of Bubble and AWS services, we try to combine them as much as we can.

This time we developed our own transcription service ( We did this to showcase what you can do if you combine and AWS serverless functions.

This tutorial gives you a blueprint on how to set up such architecture. Transcription is only an example, you can of course build many thanks more. We also used the S3 bucket to store our data audio files.

Maybe it is helpful for someone :wink:


Oh this is cool! I’ve been tossing up implementing this in one of my apps :smiley:

Very nicely explained and documented :+1: :+1: :+1:

Exactly why I reckon AWS will acquire Bubble at some point. Makes so much sense for them to have a no code front end to all of their services.

I don’t think so. AWS has already started their own low-code tools such AWS honeycode.

I mean, you could do the same things with Azure or Google Cloud. We just stick to AWS as we are AWS Devops Engineers so it feels more natural to us.