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Blur radius on icon shadow

I’m trying to set the blur radius on an icon shadow.

To make the shadow from the actual icon I check the “Show text shadow”. I can now change all the settings of the shadow except blur radius. When entering a value in the blur radius box the shadow disappears.

Ok I know it says “Show TEXT shadow”. But everything else works so maybe it is a bug? Any one else noticed this? :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the editor? If you enter a large number into the blur radius, it will look like the shadow disappears (such as 100). Try entering a number like ‘4’ and it should display the blur effect.

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Thank you for replying. :slight_smile: See like to the editor:

No problem at all. :slight_smile: I can see the blur in the editor (is it not showing up in this way for you?)

Hmm interesting. Must be browser related. Working on macOS Sierra and must have accidentally started Bubble in Safari. I normally never do this. In Chrome and Firefox like you said. No problem at all. Case closed.


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Ohhh, I see it now - That is interesting in doesn’t show up in Safari (I just opened the example there as well). Browser-related, as you said, but still good to know!

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