Is this shadow style possible

I just wondered if this type of shadow style is possible and if so how do i make it

Yes, it is possible. Using native Bubble elements or custom code.



Tank you for answering my. Just one single question, do I put the code in a HTML element on my page, or is it placed in the element that I want to display the effect

When using custom code, you need to insert an HTML element into the page (it will be invisible in the preview, so don’t worry about it).

In the code, “#element-id” is a unique reference to the element you want to apply the CSS style, in this case the box-shadow property.

Therefore, you need to enter this unique ID in the element, in the appearance tab, last property. To do this, the option “Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements” needs to be checked in your app settings: Settings > General > Advanced options.

The ID does not need to contain the “#” character in the element field, just in the code, it is just a selector identifier. Also, “element-id” can be changed to any word you deem appropriate for your context of use, but the reference in code must use the same word defined in the element ID field.