Boilerplate plugin for FE and BE integration

Hey Guys,

I’m preparing new project on top of bubble, but for some features I need to create custom plugin that would have frontend and backend parts.

Is there anywhere boilerplate project that have frontend component that is connecting to backend workflows for currently logged user? Or any API documentation would help.

Note: I got years of JS experience, so just looking for some documentation how to call backend workflows (within the same private plugin) and retrieve / store data.

Your help will be very much appreciated :hugs:

You could trigger an event that fires the backend workflow or call a backend workflow directly via the beWF api.

Hey Jaged, thanks for feedback. Where I can find “beWF api”? can you pls send me a link?

Backend workflow api base url is found on the settings page.

Read more about them here. (there’s not much)

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