Call Custom Workflow of Type when I have List of Type?

Hello again!

Pretty basic stuff, but I don’t get how it’s done.

In a workflow I have a List of Things of a certain Type.
I also have a Custom Workflow for that Type.
Now I want to use the Custom Workflow on all elements of my List - basically a loop.
How can I do that?

Thanks a lot!

Hey there! :wave:

That is actually done on the backend with a API on a list.

Do you have the backend API setup yet?

Hey :wink:
No I didn’t configure backend API yet.
But I managed to figure it out without the backend API.

And now that you mention it: What does backend API mean exactly?
Does it mean that the workflows I design right now are running in the browser?
This would be a bit unsecure I guess…

Does the backend API cost anything?
Right now I only use the free stuff until I know if I can achieve what I want using Bubble.

Yeah. For the backend API to work you have to be on a paid plan.

Basically, if you run something like this on the front end, there could be issues. For example, if the user closes the page before the workflow completes, the workflow would be interrupted.

On the backend API, it would continue the process even after the user closes the browser.

Does that make sense?

Want to learn more?

Hope that helps! :blush:

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