Booking nights with air date/time picker

Hi, I’m creating a booking platform where you can book to stay overnight at a location. I’m using the Air Date/Time picker plugin to allow users to select nights to stay, and then book.

However, once somebody has booked a night, it is not possible for another guest to select to checkout on that day.

For example:
Guest 1 books to stay 1 night on 16th March. They select 16 - 17 March in the date picker, and this correctly transfers to the database as 1 night on 16th March. The 17th is still available to book.
Guest 2 then wants to book the 15th March. In the date picker, they are able to select 15th March as the check in date, but not the 16th March as the check out date. So it is not possible to book 15th March from the front end.

Does anybody know how to solve this?


One way is to Search for Booking where the booked dates is current date range. If the no of items >1, it means a booking exists.

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