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Booking website for beauty professionals (ideas welcome)

I am building a site where beauty professionals (hairdressers, etc) can manage appointment calendars.

The goal is for anyone to search for a professional, click on the map and see available times and book an appointment.
I think I have all the design and feel kind of stuck on doing the following:

  1. On register I have an option that the users will select from User, Professional and paid professional (paid is with booking option) How do I make the workflow see what option was selected and act different, Professionals get to add their business and paid professionals get to also have booking. What would be the best approach?

  2. My current things are Users and Appointments. Users will have the address data for pining only professionals to the maps.

Here is my site.

If you are looking at the site and have the time, please signup with a fake profile for test data.

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I suggest the following:

Under your User data type, have a field for “status” (or whatever you want to call it). It can be a simple text field. Have 3 different workflows for that sign up button:

“when this is clicked and when radio button value is User (Free) [keep in mind the value needs to match exactly] > create a new user and have the Status field = user”

… when value is Beauty Pro Free… Status field = Pro
… when value is Beauty Pro with Cal… Status field = Pro Plus

These status values can obviously be whatever makes most sense for you.

Now, all your users have a designated status and throughout your app, you can use the user’s status as a condition for being able to do/see things. So only those with status Pro can see the add business interface and only Pro Plus can access the booking interface. Those things are as simple as setting visibility conditions on those different interfaces (e.g. when current user’s status is pro, make this visible… etc.) or having dedicated pages available to different statuses. Does this help?


Thanks! Will give it a shot.

What plugin did you use to get your calendar set up?

Have not continued the development, project on hold. This is an optional project.