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Developing MVP of on-demand barber booking system

I want to develop a location based barber booking system for users to book their barber appointments on the go. The workflow in my mind is clear.

User opens app–> barbershops displayed according to user geo-location—>> user selects the shop—>> User selects the service they wish for(hair cut, shaving & etc) -->> user selects which employee from the barbershop—>> user selects time–>> end screen with total bill/appointment details, select payment option cash/card -->> order is confirmed from the user with loading screen for barber to accept the job.

Now I would want the barbershop owner to whether accept or reject the order. If he accepts, the user is sent with confirmation.

The user can add add-on services in the job while it is active. Once the job is done. The user pays from his selected option and leaves a review to the barbershop.

I understand the workflow but I wanted some clarity on how it would work on Bubble since there are 3 users connected to it.

Superadmin, Barbershops & Customers.

Any sort of guidance will be appreciated.

Hi & Welcome,
Yes you can do that in Bubble. Maybe start by exploring the templates in the market place (like this one - just one of many examples) and see what is possible.

Regards roles etc - its easy - there are tutorials like this one User Roles | Tutorial - YouTube and this one how to create user permissions, user roles, user groups, user restrictions, in - YouTube