BookMyTicket — Online Ticketing Aggregator for Movies and Events Template

Hi Guys,

We have recently published a brand new template - BookMyTicket.

BookMyTicket is a no-code template for movie and event ticketing aggregator. It is inspired by BookMyShow, India’s largest movie/event ticket aggregator and valued at over $1bn. This template can be customized to launch your MVP or for learning purpose.

This template comes with a responsive movie & event ticket booking, including Cinema Admin for Cinema owners to list their shows, Event Admin for event organizers and Master Admin for approving the cinemas and event organizers to host their events. The template features a payments system through Stripe, sending an email confirmation to the end-user and QR generation.

If you want to build a web application similar to BookMyShow, Eventbrite, or, BookmyTicket is a good choice.

—Movie shows and Online/Venue events
— Responsive design (Movie & Event Ticket Booking)
— Admin dashboards (for Cinema owners, Event organisers and Master Admin)
— QR Code Generation
— Fast Searching with filtering by movie name, event name and event category
— Payment system via Stripe
— Complete workflow from listing of shows to final payment and sending an email confirmation to end-user.
To purchase the template please click this link: BookMyTicket-Movies & Events Template | Bubble

Video Demo: BookMyTicket - Online Ticketing Aggregator for Movies and Events ( Template) - YouTube

Detailed Documentation:

Please reach out at if you need any help in the implementation or customization of this template.

Note: In Demo mode, please select ‘Coming to America’ movie and City ‘New York’ if you want to see the multiple movie slots.

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Price for this template is reduced to $79 for a Standard, $249 for a Developer license. It is a limited time offer!!