API authentication

Sound advice @johnny. I went through the authentication guide and focussed on the JWT Auth ( as this is what I have already the Bubble published plugin uses ( BOX Plugin Instructions - Tips - Bubble Forum) as per the screenshot below.

As you can see from the documentation, the first decision is whether we are using the SDK or not. I’m guessing not SDK as the SDK method seem to read the entire JWT config in and provide methods to generate a token without needing to do much more, but the API Connector plugin requires more detail as per this screenshot:

So, assuming we need to following the non-SDK path we need to provide either a public and private keypair OR a client id and client secret. As per the screenshot above, it looks like we are using the public/private keypair path.

So, as per the documentation:

…all prereqs have been met in order to configure the plugin!!

The question is how to apply the fields in the config.json file to our API Connector JWT auth?

Private Key is the only really obvious field.

How about:

  • Scope? Is this the same as publicKeyId?
  • Iss (account email)? Am guessing this is the same email as used on the admin account the owns the JWT application in
  • Access token endpoint? Am guessing this is the URL of the Bubble application I am building?

I’ve tried lots of different combinations in these fields without much luck and I’m finding the API guide not much help from here as it offers a lot of coding examples and I don’t really know how the API Connector plugin is coded…

Any ideas? Anyone interested in helping me solve this? Would be happy to pay for time at this point.