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[Breaking Change] Overriding timezones; Group Focus element positioning

The word experimental does not scream “temporary”. It actually implies that it’s in alpha or beta, and that there may be bugs. It implies “hey, try this out!”. Not: “hey, try this out but also we might take it away very soon”

I know they wrote in their forum post that they don’t know if they were keeping it, but since I didn’t read it the first time around I didn’t know. Not used to having to dig through a forum post before upgrading.


In fact…

Nothing here says these features can be deprecated. Frustrating…

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Except that it says experimental. It didn’t say alpha or beta release of a feature. It says experimental.

But I totally hear your frustration and I agree the copy can be improved to be a lot clearer.

That’s LITERALLY my point

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I’m saying we both have two different definitions of the word experimental.

An experimental drug may never make it to mass production.

"get access to features that are currently under development and not part of a stable release…"

This implies that these features are experimental i.e may have issues since they have not fully been tested / vetted, etc…

They are not marked as playground features that you should definitely not rely on their existence


We get it…

Yup, totally on the same page with you. It’s frustrating. Big misstep on Bubble’s part.

It’s not yet even clear how many apps were affected because this has only been talked about in the forum. There still hasn’t been an email or other direct communication about the depreciation.


@grace.hong Any updates on the return of this functionality or something comparable?

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How are people changing timezones now?

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I’m using the Moment Timezone Date Parsing plugin. It accomplishes something similar for backend workflows, but with a ton of extra steps depending on the number of dates you’re working with.

@grace.hong Any updates on the return of this functionality?


Hi @aj11 - hoping to bring this back soon (reference)! Currently shaping it out.


I’m extremely glad that this decision was made.
The overriding timezones more broadly functionality is such a timesaver.


Thanks God!!! it was one of the best features released.

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Hi everyone - advanced timezone controls are back, now as native features! Learn more here: [New feature] Advanced options, including advanced timezone controls

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