[New feature] Advanced options, including advanced timezone controls

Hi everyone,

We’re introducing a new section for “Advanced options” in Settings > General, as well as reintroducing our advanced overriding timezones functionality for date-time inputs (Date-Time Picker and Input), page, and backend workflows (API workflows, scheduled workflows, and data triggers).

Big thank you to @manasi and @zoe1 for executing this solution here!

In addition, all operators (:formatted as , :extract from date , :rounded to , :equals rounded to ) will now natively have timezone controls.

To get these features, please upgrade to the latest Bubble version 22.

If you were not previously using any advanced timezone features, you can upgrade to the Bubble version normally.

If you ARE currently using advanced overriding timezone features in any apps and you’d like to keep your app’s current settings, please select “Upgrade & Migrate” to keep all your timezone override settings.

If you select “Upgrade and Do NOT Migrate,” this will clear overridden timezone settings on all pages, operators and backend workflows.

Remember: These changes only effect the Development branch, not Live, until your next deploy. And when you upgrade Bubble versions, you can always revert to your previous Bubble version for one week after.

Can’t wait to see what you build with these new features!


Hard to keep up with all of these releases! Great job!


Happy to get these timezone features back! Makes dealing with those a lot easier. Thanks! :blush:


@grace.hong Excellent implementation – Finally am able to upgrade my Bubble app! I have a Backend API that grabs a date from another 3rd Party API which defaults as UTC – And I’m thankful I can set the timezone on my Backend API as “America/Chicago”. Saves me a lot of guesswork :slight_smile:


There is a bug with this release affecting previous versions:

The elements’ IDs aren’t visible

I already sent the bug report: Bug report #38905

@esardila… lots of discussion about that over here.

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Hey all - we just deployed a fix for the HTML ID attribute. Please let us know if you’re still seeing issues.


Back to normal, thanks!

Does this apply to versions other than Version 22 as well?

Yes, the fix should apply to all versions.

Thanks, @grace.hong @zoe1 @manasi! The Bubble team is on a roll with these new updates! :fire: :sunglasses:

@grace.hong big thumbs up! However, when will we be able to overwrite timezones in pages dynamically?


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I’m using a lot of date formatted as and then a timezone fixed timezone. I just tried to upgrade (I don’t see any Upgrade & Migrate, just the normal upgrade), but it does reset all the date formatted as with fixed timezone, so they don’t have a fixed timezone anymore, so I needed to roll back.

How do I upgrade and keep all the fixed timezones?


Hi @ah1 we’re fixing this! I’ll let you know when it’s live. When it is live, you should see all your timezones restored to your previous settings, and when you upgrade, these settings will be preserved.

Hi @maxime1 curious to understand how exactly would you be dynamically overwriting timezones at the page level?

Fix is live!


Yeah, why can’t we set the Page Timezone dynamically, like we can with inputs and backend workflows?

Based on, for example, the location of an Event, which is the current Page’s Event (event being an object in the database, that has a location, timezone, and a start date/time)…

(I know you can set a dynamic Timezone on any text element that displays a date/time… but it would be much simpler to just define it once, at the page level, than have to do it for every element where the current page’s event’s time is being displayed).


Is the workflow conditional “element is visible” not available anymore? I don’t see it anymore. Or even the “when true” → “element x is visible” is not available anymore

I was going to type this comment myself. I work a lot with Reusable Elements and trigger events from RU and noticed this not visible today…

Could you guys take a look @grace.hong @manasi? Thanks!

Hi @razvan and @helder could you please submit bug reports so we can have the engineering team investigate this further: Support | Bubble

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