Browser Back button triggered workflow?

Hi all,

I have a single page portion of my app where the back button would be useful but needs to be prevented from directing to the actual previous page.

Is there any way that the browser back button can be used to trigger workflows to show/hide groups without using URL parameters and causing the page to refresh?

Thanks for any insights.

@gaurav, can your Native apps plugin be used to accomplish this across all browsers and platforms?

Hi @mihira,
I assume you’re referring to the ‘BN - Go back’ step in the native apps plugin. That is go back from a native view to previous native view, which is same as switching tabs in browsers i.e. both are open. Also this step would skip itself in a non-bdknative (i.e. browser environment) so wouldn’t be the solution for the original question in your post


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Thanks for the reply @gaurav, I found out that in my case the solution was quite simple. I’ve used the Go to page workflow to send parameters in the URL that trigger show/hide workflows. It turns out this doesn’t refresh the page and cause state information to be lost.

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