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A plugin for "native" app navigation

I’ve had to build out more and more functionality to properly manage navigation inside a “native” app. Bubble is designed to work with pages and it doesn’t work correctly for “navigating” using only groups.

Maybe we could have a plugin that would create an action (or set of actions) for cleanly navigating using only groups (not pages).

It should maintain the functionality of the browser’s back button by keeping a list of which groups you’ve been to and where you’re at so that when the users hits “back” and refreshes the whole app it takes them back to the group they were on before.

I achieve this by setting custom states on groups to toggle visibility. I also have a custom state attached to an input box that counts +1 every time a new group is shown (meaning new area has been navigated to)… if you click back I make the inputs custom state go -1 which brings the previous group that was shown back.


Does that custom state get reset if the user hits the back button and/or refreshes the page?

Yes it does

I’m having problems with the browser’s back and reset buttons due to the page reload resetting content. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to store that information on the server.

There is another possible fix, not sure if it would work in this situation but could be worth a try …

You can use javascript to alter the url of the page without refreshing it, so settings that need to be persistent for the back/reset buttons could be set as url query parameters.

Possibly the javascript is not needed if “navigate to internal page” is used to the same page with different params.

Parameters are exactly what I’m using as of yesterday. Refresh does not affect the page. No java needed. As Misha said, send parameter to the page your already on and it works just like a custom state but better.