Bubble API connector giving 'unauthorized' error

Hi Everyone,

I am integrating the third party API’s via Bubble’s API connector. Here is the process of the API:-
Authentication:- None or self-handled

  1. Login the user (Body:- username, password)
  2. Generate the Tokens()
  3. Upload the file(Generated Token)

I am successfully reached till the second step, but when I am trying to upload the file Bubble API connector is giving the following error.

It’s also weird that this API call works using Postman and getting the response there.

Can anyone suggest what wrong here?

Try to pass Cookie on the Header of the API call before CSRF token. This can help you to run the API.

All the Best.

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@himanshu.s How did you pass it before the api call. I am trying to pass the cookies in header but it is still giving me the authentication error. Can you please help me on this