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Call Bubble API from another Bubble App

I want to call my own Bubble app’s data API from another Bubble App of mine using API Connector.

On App 1

  • Added data
  • Enable Data API
  • Generated API token
  • Called from Postman and verified I can GET data

On App 2

  • I added API Connector
  • Add new API
  • Authentication: Private key in header
  • Key name: Authorization
  • Key value: [token_from_app_1] also tried [Bearer [token_from_app_1]

I keep getting
*Raw response for the API *
Status code 400
{“statusCode”:400,“message”:“Unrecognized authorization type”}

Here is my API Connector

Not that it matters, APP 2 is a free plan app for now while APP 1 is on a paid plan.

Did you set Bearer before api key in value?

Yes I did

I solved it by setting the Authentication to None and adding the bearer token to the header.

Don’t forget to build another call for the live app/ database