Bubble Api Connector initialize call / Fields

Hi Bubblers,

I need some assistance and hope someone can spare some free time to help a newbie briefly.

I’m simply trying to import a list of jobs from an external site documentation found here into a repeating group and am not sure where to put these values in the Bubble Api Connector.


Doc image and link:

Any help with setting up the connector would be greatly appreciated! I’ve tried many different things to no avail.

P.S. when I click initialize call I get a popup that says “There was an issue setting up your call.
undefined error: this header name is not correct undefined” and I’m trying to get this to function properly to that at least I know its connecting

Thank you.

All your header are not correctly named.
“Host”: host,
“User-Agent”: userAgent,
“Authorization-Key”: authKey
So modify host for Host
userAgent for User-Agent
and authKey for Authorization-key

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@Jici I seriously appreciate the response. It worked!!! :smiley: I just needed to refresh the page first, hahaha wish I had done this before so many failed attempts lol.