Bubble API to create thing from State list Not Working


I couldn’t find any similar post as I have been searching all day.

I have a state that is a list of text.
I have created an API on the backend that has a workflow to Create a New Thing (Record) in my table called Table_A.
In the front end workflow, I have done ‘Schedule API to work on list’ and the type of thing I have chosen is ‘Text’.
However, nothing is getting created.
I have looked at my log file and can see the API getting called, the correct values being passed to it, and the log file even say ‘Successfully Scheduled for count: number of items in my text list’.

I have checked everything, including data types.
I also tried to do this by typing a value in the front end instead of passing my list.
I deleted the API, and created another.
I have checked the ignore privacy and no authentication required on both.

I would appreciate if someone could help me resolve this.

I don’t know what is wrong with your settings but I have replicated what you said and it seems to be working. See demo below:

The left RG is a standard RG showing a custom state of list of text.

Add these to DB button gets this list and pass it on to the background API on a list:

And this is the backend API that creates the thing (which is called by the schedule on a list action:

And here is the action:

If you want to check the editor: Test for Forum 12 | Bubble Editor (I have to cancel the trial in a week, but you can still see the workflows and everything.)

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Thanks for your quick response!
Turned out that in my ‘Scheduler’, all tasks were paused!
Not sure how this happened because I don’t remember clicking on it.