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Bubble app connector

I need help regarding the bubble app connector:

I have created an app (let’s call it app1) and I want to modify some data of app1 from another app (let’s call it app2), both bubble apps.
I have installed the bubble app connector in app2 and generated the api token in app1.

And here comes my question:
I believe that it is possible to change/create data of app1 using app2 (through the app connector).
If so…How can it be done?..I’m really struggling to make this work.
Thanks a lot for your help!!

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Hi Diego,

You’ll need to create API endpoints & workflows in App 1 (go to Settings > API > turn on POST). The API workflows “page” is at the bottom of your page list. You will then call from app2 via the connector. Add a call and use the following endpoint format to access the endpoint (and thus, the workflow):

Bubble domain:
Custom domain:

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Thanks a lot for your answer Gaby!! I didn’t know there was an API workflows page…:sweat_smile: thanks a lot again!!

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I’d love to know more about this, as I’m in the same situation. I hate to reach out, as I can usually figure most things out on my own, but I’ve been combing forums for hours looking at this, and have hit a wall.

What I want to do is create a new Article in App 1 and push that article over to App 2.

I have the apps connected via the Bubble App Connector.

The data type is Article, which is exposed in the app settings on both apps.

I am able to fetch the list of articles from App 2 into App 1.

I have an API endpoint in App 2 which is “newarticle” that runs the workflow to create a new article. I have the endpoint set to “request data”, rather than filling parameters.

In App 1 I am able to use the “Run newarticle” workflow that I built in App 1, however, it then asks to fill in the “wf_request_data”. All the available dropdown items return an error as “wf_request_data should be undefined”.

I know there is likely something that I’m just overlooking in the process, but I can’t seem to find out what it is.

@romanmg is there any way you could expound on this? See previous message. I’m still unable to make this solution work.

hi, @romanmg
I am now buiding 2 apps and want to retrieve data from one to another, but I found that the data cannot be retrieved only 100 records even if I set 3,000 as “number of Items” in the editor.
(The number of original data is over 1,000)

Do you know how to see all the data from other app with useing app connector or other way?

It is cursor based, so to get 3000 you need to do 30 calls.

Hi, @NigelG
Thank you for your reply!
Oh, I see. OK, then I need merge these calls at many times manually to download as CSV data with 1T - CSV Creator plugin, right? :sob:

i have set an end point in app A as shown in the pic

but when i trigger the endpoint from app B it doest add the user in app A’s database. what am i missing?