Send data from Bubble App Connector to another page

Hi guys,

I have two applications which I have successfully managed to connect via the ‘Bubble App Connector’ plugin. App 1 connects to App 2 by sending data and an action, however, my issue is how the data read in App 2 (from App 1) can be sent to another page within App 2. The only way I am able to send data to another page is if the data has a datatype in App 2. This is the part that is failing me, although I have initiated a workflow in App 1 using an API endpoint that creates a ‘thing’ and then uses the ‘Call’ action in the Bubble App Connector to retreive it, I need help on how to actually add App 1’s datatype in App 2 . (See below)

  1. You can see that I am trying to send data from the Bubble App Connector Api to another page

  2. You can see that I need to set the contents of the page I want to receive the data to that data’s ‘thing’ or in other words, App 1’s datatype.

If I understand correctly, I think the data type must exist (be defined) in App 2 via the Data tab.


Hi @sudsy,

Yes I understand this, but my problem is that I need App 1 to send/create a new data type in the data tab in App 2 so that I can be able to send API data from one page to another in App 2. Is there a way to do this or are you saying it can’t be done?

I don’t know for sure, but my hunch is that this cannot be done. An “instance” of a “thing” can be created, but the “definition” (schema/table) of that thing must already exist. That’s my understanding anyway. Perhaps someone else will chime in with the definitive answer.

Ok thank you for your input @sudsy. One last thing - do you know how I can make that thing exist?