Bubble app documentation Notion.so template

For Notion.so users. I’ve built a Bubble app documentation template.


  • Essential for acquisition support
  • Adds value to your product
  • Remember what you built and how you built it
  • Be kind to other developers. And yourself

Template pages:

  • Technical.
    The power behind your app. List all pages, workflows, data types, custom states, option sets, plugins & reusable elements detailed and presented in a logical order
  • User.
    Everything for the end-user. Include copies of all your onboarding & how-to content
  • Statistics
    Add the essential numbers for a prospective acquisition. Subscribers, MRR, churn, Include an analytics report too
  • Timeline
    Bring a story to your build with a chronology of your journey. Showing how your project has developed from idea to production is a great exercise in reflection and adds authenticity
  • Branding assets
    Collect all the image files branding decisions in one location
  • Expenses
    Fill in the pre-built database to establish a total investment value.
  • Transfer procedures
    If you’re thinking of selling your app, a comprehensive transfer procedure is critical to realising a professional handover. So you don’t, for example, forget to remove the workflow notifications to your Slack channel.

I can’t find any other way of documenting my apps. Make this file your own and become a better builder and app seller.


This is very interesting Marc !
I know that a lot of Bubble freelancers and agencies already use Notion for a big chunk of their bubble project management and this can plug right in.


Thank you. I’m working on a stand-alone solution that will introduce some automation to the documentation process. Just wrangling with the JSON!


Please and thank you! Bought your template, I’ll be waiting for this update :slight_smile:

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Great job…I was thinking automation as well… particularly handy for auto updates…

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Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it.

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