Bubble App Documentation Template

The Bubble App Documentation template.

Built on Notion, it will allow Bubble developers to save a lot of time in the documentation of their Bubble apps :sunglasses:

Price: 20 :money_with_wings:

:x: The problem?

Documentation is a key factor in the sustainability of an app. It is so valuable to the company and to the future developers who will work on the app.

Too often, we have wasted hours trying to figure out what the previous dev wanted to do. This is because of the lack of documentation of the app.

My experience when I took over an app that had no documentation?

  • Impossible to find the payment workflows…
  • How to track bugs?
  • Missing passwords for products and applications used in building the app.

Simple but complete documentation would remove all these difficulties!

:bulb: The solution!

These problems pushed me to create this template on Notion!

It contains a “documentation” template that you can create on the fly when you start working on a new Bubble app.

A huge time saver for all Bubble developers.:watch:

This “Documentation” model is built around 7 main databases where you will store your application data:

:page_facing_up: Pages
:robot: Workflows
:minidisc: Data types
:jigsaw: Plugins
:lock: Privacy rules
:key: Credentials
:beetle: Bugs

Interconnected, they are the knowledge base feeding the template and all its features.
The databases have a pre-built page template to make the most of Notion’s power.

Thanks to the “Relation” feature, we can show :

  • Workflows built on a specific page.
  • The bugs identified on a specific workflow
  • The description of a workflow (trigger and steps)

And much more…

This template is Ideal for agencies working on many Bubble projects and freelancers who don’t want to waste a second of their time building custom docs. :watch:

Check it out and feel free to send me feedback :v:.

50% OFF TODAY for my early birds :bird: with the code “DOCUMENT50”


That’s so nice Pierre!

What about API calls ? I think they deserve their own documentation too!

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Hey Wes, thanks a lot!

For API calls, what I did is to create a template in the plugin database called “API Connector”, which is the API Connector plugin in Bubble, where you have a table to store all your API calls.

Let me know what you think about it.

I didn’t see it at first!
It’s good, indeed!
Let me dig a bit more inside of it and I’ll bring you a feedback :slight_smile:

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Great work Pierre! Congrats on your launch :slight_smile:

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How do you document complex workflow, where a button is clicked, execute some steps, a custom event, then trigger some steps, a custom event, etc.? How about “flags”. temp variables (custom states/groups)?