Bubble app in Europe? Bubble newbie. Please help

Hello all, Hello @emmanuel

I discovered Bubble a few weeks ago and it’s really everything I was looking for in order to create a web app for the new online business I want to start up (Belgium) I’m getting the hang of working with Bubble and blown away with the possibilities… truely amazing !!

But I would like to know a few things before fully commiting to use Bubble to create my webapp:

Sorry for my questions but I am completely new at this… Please advise in human language :slight_smile:

– How do you publish your created webapp?
Is it possible to use Bubble in Europe? how does this work? Hosting? Pricing?
What about the GDPR compliance?

– webflow and bubble connection?
When I finished my webapp, is it possible to create a landing page on webflow.com and connecting them?
(would be a landing page with buttons to redirect them to the bubble webapp)
If so, how does this work?

Thank you in advance for quick replies

Hi Frederique,

Welcome in Bubble!
To answer to your questions

I’m French, based in Munich, so yes you can use Bubble in Europe. Regarding GDPR compliance, there is a lot of discussions around that in the forum, you can easily find it…

You have two “mode” when you’re using bubble : Development and Live. Basically you design/code/test in development and when you’re publishing your app when you push it into live mode. You can either use a bubble domain (myapp.bubbleapp.io) or use publish the app to your own domain (myapp.com).

In terms of pricing, you can go to https://bubble.io/pricing. Basically, you pay a monthly fee for each app (but you can also stay at the free tier). The different pricing corresponds to access to different features (for example use your own domain is not possible in the free tier) and more capacity. It’s great to think about it in terms of scalability. Start small and as you grow and have more users/features you can scale your capacity with higher plans.

Webflow and Bubble, again I already saw that in the forum : New Startup, Built with Bubble! - KeepTabs.io

I guess you have to set up your DNS properly if you want to achieve that…

Hope this helps and happy bubbling!

And, yes, even after one year of intensive use and several more or less serious projects with Bubble, I still think it’s more and more amazing! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your quick reply! Very kind of you…

So if I’m starting with my business, I can stick with the free plan, use a bubble domain
for example, " NameOfMyApp.bubbleapp.io " and when the business starts to work I can upgrade to a paid plan to publish to my own domain. Correct?

Correct, and you can see all the other differences between plans at the bottom of the page : https://bubble.io/pricing

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