EU Hosting for Bubble Apps

Hi all,

I’m a developer working on my own project for the past few months. I’m based in the EU and finalized my application. Due to GDPR I’m facing huge issues now with bubble compliance and up to this day I need intense contact with lawyers to solve this matter and publish my app. (How GDPR compliant is bubble right now with the DPA?)

Wouldn’t it make sense for bubble to offer EU hosting for an application besides the dedicated plan?

This way it would be so much easier for European users to actually work with bubble. I would be willing to pay 15+ € or even more a month on top of my current plan, if it would be possible to just switch servers. Yet the only alternative is a dedicated plan for several thousand euros per month…

What do you guys think about that? I’m curious about your opinions and experiences with this topic.


The alternative that I’m aware of is to use Xano as your backend as you can host your client’s data in the EU for GDPR compliance. I believe they have a cluster on a Google Cloud data center in Germany.

This has been a common pain point for many years now. Outside of a dedicated plan, it’s currently not possible. The team has mentioned reworking the underlying architecture to make this easier, but as of now, a dedicated plan is the only way unless you move away from Bubble.

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Hi Andrew,

it’s kind of a shame that this is still the case. There should be a disclaimer saying “Hey if you want to publish your application in the EU, please
a) accept potential problems with GDPR
b) switch to an alternative to bubble
c) pay several thousand on the dedicated plan”

Do you have any hint on when this issue will be tackled? :slight_smile:


Which part of GDPR do you want to comply with by hosting your app in EU?

GDPR applies to data belonging to EU citizens and residents, regardless of where they are stored.


I feel your pain lol… Been asking everyone at bubble about making customer instances standalone (kubernetes, etc) so we could deploy our apps anywhere… Canada is changing regulations too, starting this autumn and even more autumn 2023.

We decided to go the Xano route (which does exactly that, set independant instances for every paying customer aka pay basic package + for what you use.)

Same issue here. For the size of this specific app it will take 3-6 months to migrate all data and workflows to an external DB in an complaint zone. Plus I probably still wont be complaint based on data logging.

What about just storing your data in the run while keeping the front end living in the us. Does that work for your needs?