Bubble app -> mobile app - geolocation data availability

Hi all, just looking into Bubble - quite excited by what I have seen so far!
I’m thinking to develop the app in Bubble then use a wrapper to create the iOS & Android apps.

But before I get there, I’m trying to understand whether it’s even possible to develop an app that will ALWAYS be able to access location information from the phone - so once the app is installed, will always run gently in the background looking for geolocation changes. Is this actually possible?

Appreciate all tips and pointers - I realise this isn’t necessarily Bubble-specific but figured the experience may well reside here (and of course I need to build the basic geolocation stuff into my Bubble app in the first place).

Thanks again,

Hi, I have the exact same question.

Has anyone been able to confirm if this would be possible ?

Thank you so much,