Auto-detect current user's location?

Is it possible for bubble to automatically detect a current users location even if they are not currently using the app (but their device is still connected to the internet) ?

What I want to do is automatically detect whether a user has visited a specific location by determining when the distance between the current user’s mobile device and the destination is 0 km. And then count a +1 to a visited field.

Is this functionality possible when the the app is not open or would it only work if the user has the app open?

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That would be illegal I think. Unless a user gives consent. Otherwise, you’re breaching someones privacy (Knowing where they live etc). I suggest asking rather than anything.

I would definitely ask the user permission when a user signs up for the app (it’s not illegal if you receive the necessary permission, the same way Facebook, Google and mobile network providers always know your geographical position). It’s just a matter of whether this functionality is possible through bubble.

I’m guessing you’re going to need native access to the device in order to do this. Since Bubble doesn’t create native apps, I’m not sure it’s possible without some hackery.

I think you’re right. I will have a look at some of the plugins that have access to native mobile functions. Hopefully location will be one of them. If they don’t then this is going to be tricky, thank you for your reply.

I always recommend folks to look at native solutions like Thunkable or Dropsource for mobile apps. In my opinion, you’re simply giving up too much when trying to build a mobile app on Bubble.

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This is true, this was one of my concerns when I first started with bubble, however the only native feature my app requires (besides location) is push notifications which I believe can be done using the OneSignal plugin?

What in your opinion is the best web wrapper to use? Still something I am undecided with.

I really don’t have an opinion on that one, sorry. I generally advise people to avoid that option altogether, so I’m the wrong fella to ask!

No problem. Thank you for your help!

For anyone wondering I found a solution with this plugin. Still to test it out.


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