Bubble app + Non-Bubble pages under the same subdomain

Hi! :slight_smile: I have my Bubble app available on a domain like domain.com, and I have different pages, included the index (domain.com, domain.com/page1, domain.com/page2…).

Now I need to have a non-Bubble landing page stored at domain.com, but I’d like to keep the rest of the existing pages where they currently are. So basically, I’d like to remove the index only, to “leave room” for a traditional landing page built with code. I might want to also have additional pages built with code under the same domain (e.g. domain.com/coded1, domain.com/coded2…).

In other words, I need a Bubble app to co-exist together with another website, under the same domain, without having to migrate the current Bubble app to a subdomain (this is what I’ve done in the past, but I don’t want to do it this time). Is it possible? Thanks!

P.S.: I’m using Namecheap for both the domain and hosting.

You may want to consider using the bubble index then copy/paste your html into an html element. That would be the only element on the screen. Load quick. And display what you want.

Thanks for the idea! I like it, but the problem is the new index (built outside Bubble) will be managed by a team of devs, so they want to have full control over it. At least I’ve managed to have full control on the marketing initiatives for which I use the current Bubble pages, but for the main showcase (to be stored on domain.com), they don’t want to have Bubble.

Anyway, apart from that, which drawbacks do you seen when entering the whole landing pages as an HTML element on Bubble’s index page?

Thanks again!

What about having your app as a subdomain. It’s incredibly common and an accepted practice. The “webpage part” could live on webflow and be served up on cloudflare.

The drawbacks in my opinion are that it’s a pain in the ass to have to just copy and paste HTML all the time. It would be a lot nicer to just be working in the web builder and have that be publishing directly to the webpages. Then you could work directly in bubble and publish to the web app


Thanks a lot for the help! For now it seems like there’s no proper solution to what I need, so I’ll have to migrate the whole app to a subdomain, as usual, to leave room for the non Bubble website. Thanks again!

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