Bubble app on Europe (EU) server located

Yup, still waiting for EU servers before moving to Bubble.

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May I ask for what reason?
They are gdpr-compliant (https://bubble.io/dpa) and speed is mostly not an issue.

Just hire Deloittes, it might cost you top shekels but it’s not an issue they can’t solve.

Same here in Australia, cross border transfer of personal identifiable information such as name and email is still a very big issue for corporate and government clients! Then of course there is the speed issues.

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We need this so much …


Hello @allenyang,

I´ve started this topic in 2016 and just wanted to know if this is on the roadmap.

I´ve seen you´re answering loads of questions in the forum so I´ve tagged you in case you know anything about this.

BTW Good job you and your team with all the improvements!

Thanks a lot and have a good day Allen.

At this stage the ability to have this outside of dedicated plans is a bit far out on the roadmap.


Thanks for the update.

3.5 years since this topic has started.
Any updates for NON-dedicated plans to be honest in Europe?


hi @petrucho @allenyang said far out on the roadmap which is likely to translate to years not months.

@StevenM you’ll be surprised but there is no roadmap (upcoming feature list) for Bubble - they just removed that.

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Any update @emmanuel? Your increased marketing efforts are pointing towards certain growth targets. To provide European servers means better access to a 10 to 17 billion no code / low code market by 2025 ( source).

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If my company actually goes into products with this idea we would almost certainly need servers hosted in the EU, even if no data is hosted on Bubble’s servers and everything is provided via our own API.

@emmanuel mentions this is possible on “dedicated plans” and not “professional”. What does this actually mean? I see Professional plan and Production plan. Does Dedicated = Production?

For anybody asking why we need to do this since Bubble is “GDPR compliant” - the simple answer is we just do. Data privacy is a big deal in Germany. :wink:


dedicated is an on premise just for you server for unlimited (ish) apps. you pay by the server, not apps

ahhh ok. Reason I could not see any information about it at first is that the pricing page does mention it, but if you click on “Compare Plans” you lose any information about Dedicated Plans and there is no way to go “back” so you don’t realise you have actually lost information. Maybe someone from Bubble might want to sort it. It’s probably not good UX and maybe not good for revenue to hide the information about your most expensive option.

If we go beyond PoC with this project we would almost certainly run it on our own AWS server in Europe.

Where are we on the subject because I am seriously starting to get stuck on my application which is in the testing phase (I need an AWS-HDS server). Unfortunately when I started with bubble, I was told “yes, you can put bubble on an AWS-paris server which is HDS standard”. The concern is that I am going from a “professional” plan at 115 € to 1500 € / month with the possibility of making X applications but that does not concern me, I just want a change of server and not the rest … I do not really understand what is blocking but we could know when we will have the possibility of choosing an AWS server and this even with a single payment but not monthly which makes the economic model and the advantage of Bubble unnecessary. Thank you in advance for the reply.

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I think Bubble could offer a monthly plan to use only the editor, leaving you free to export apps to a proprietary server.

The advantages would be multiple:
Bubble would have no infrastructure costs so it can offer a monthly plan at a lower cost just for the use of the editor, users can choose the server where to upload their app.
The scalability of the application is managed by the user.


What I find strange is that at the moment more and more countries are tightening the jurisdiction on data storage and of course local servers follow security rules so why block everything on a continent? I think it’s a bit like putting a bullet in the foot and depriving yourself of a lot of customers. it’s a shame because bubble is a great product but when I see competitors who offer for one to deposit the application on a server of his choice and another who has a huge infrastructure that offers to host “locally”, I wonder what the bubble strategy is on this point.

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Bubble actually allows you to host your data externally using the SQL Connector. You can also use Firebase or any other European REST Database.

I think that all of this might become a possibility once they transition to the new design engine.


Hello @Bubble team,

Do you guys have any news or update regarding this topic?

Any plans about letting us choose an EU Amazon server?

Thanks a lot.