Bubble app on subdomain and Knowledgebase (helpsscout) on another subdomain possible?

Hi everyone, discovered that helpscout have a 6 months free trial and decided to test it out with a new app launch. However, when starting to implement the knowledgebase to a subdomain I noticed a warning that other subdomains will/can be affected if there are any other at @ record (the bubble app I’m working on is on subdomain).

Has anyone implemented a knowledgebase on a subdomain while having their app on a subdomain? And if so was it painless (as simple as adding a record in your registrar?)

Any insight would be really helpful so I know if this is worth spending further time on.


Hi @brookelustig,

You should be good as long as your Help Scout Docs page’s subdomain isn’t on the same one as your bubble app :blush:

Glad to see another Help Scout user!

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