Bubble apps currently on App Store

Hi all, new here. If this question belongs somewhere else or has been answered please kindly let me know. Can anyone point to a bubble application that has successfully made it to iOS or Android App Store? I’d just like to check it out.

Here you go. Plenty of those for you to go through :smiley: :

first of all, I mean thanks for your BDK work

one thing I notice is all of them are slow when loading, why is that?

(compared to other native swift apps)

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Thanks @natserrano :smiley:

The native part loads at the same speed as native swift apps actually. The moment you see the loading screen, is when the native part is already ready. We just display the loading screen until the page (bubble site) is loading behind it. As soon as the page is ready, we remove the loading screen. This is to keep the user engaged.The perceived loading time is therefore actually the bubble page loading time which depends on the bubble app (e.g. design, workflows, bubble plan, data loaded etc.).

If you preview a well known-fast site like google’s homepage, you will be able to see the native part time alone, assuming google’s loading time as negligible. I actually just made this screen recording after seeing your message previewing google instead of a bubble app.


Thanks it makes sense. One more reason to make a light weight index page. I’ll use your wrapper to wrap my app