Bubble apps no loading


Anyone having trouble with apps not loading today?

Me too. Editor is slower than usual and once I click on preview it doesn’t load all the elements and even login doesn’t get completed and I get stuck in the middle of the login laoding.

What about you? What’s going on? What could be the reason?

Yip, no repeating groups are loading on our apps

Hi all,

I recommend filing bug reports so someone from the Bubble team can take a look at your app.

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I had issues with our app not being able to fetch data, or loading extremely slowly last Friday and filled the bug report #41853, but unfortunately got a generic response:

"While these situations are rare, it can be expected that issues of high latency on Bubble’s end may translate to your app or database performance. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. "

Just happened again with our app.

It’s usually 15-30 minutes with our team of ~20 people stopped with no data being displayed in the app. It can be related to the latency spikes displayed on Bubble Status page. I was expecting to get further investigation and details about high latency being more frequent in the last few days.

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