None of my repeating groups are loading

I’ve experienced extremely slow loading lately, especially RG. Today, none of my RG across my app will load. Anyone experiencing this?


Yes, Bubble is having issues again. Status page says issues identified and resolved 3 times, but now it is back. I wonder if it has to do with this release: 7/29/22 06:43
Internal database fixes

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Same now here

@josh @emmanuel @Bubble
Status page doesn’t seem to show this issue. Not sure if this is related but all days we got issue loading app or data.

Having major issues around database. Desperately need a fix


I’m having the same issue. Also my capacity is showing maxed out for no apparent reason. No workflows running or anything.

Yep we are having major issues. Pretty much our internal admin page wont load /show any data. Also searching for scheduled workflows in the logs just times out.


Had the same issue. Capacity completely maxed out with simple requests. Temporary boost seemed to help but used our last one and now back in the same situation. Considering just adding capacity to get us through temporarily.


It appears to be working again for the moment. That was no fun!

Apologies for the slow response here – just letting you all know that we’re aware of the problem (one of our databases, hosting a fraction of our apps, keeps crashing) and are trying to put measures in place to stop it from happening again. As of me writing this, systems seem normal. Working theory is that there’s a specific query that an app sometimes runs that is causing issues.


Thanks for the update Josh. What kind of query would this be so we can check out apps for possible culprits?

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Thanks for the update Josh. Just so you know, I wasn’t trying to pile on a complaint to you guys. Just wanted to narrow down the issue, and see if it was something on my end, or a wider issue.

I am grateful for the work bubble has done to make my business a possibility. I’m blown away that Ive been able to get where I am and am thankful for you all to keep it running smoothly.

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Hi Josh,
The issue has justed started again for us.

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We are facing the issue too.

@josh please acknowledge if someone is on it.

Not able to report a bug as I’m out, but this has broken our production app fully!


Please understand that it may be a fraction of apps for you but this is complete app for us and it’s our peak business hour right now.

We are in a services business and it has broken our customer support ans everything.

Need some updates from you. Status page says all fine!


Mine is starting to spike again. app time at max capacity today in last 24 hours has been 2 hours, and likely is going to go up more as its spiking again


Fellow bubblers, what can we do right now?

I raised a bug, but no response.

No update in this thread.

Nothing on status page.

Any other solution or recommendation?

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Sadly mine has now ramped up to where its unusable. Guessing basically the majority of the queries are failing.
This has been one hell of a week for me with