Bubble as a LMS?

How’s it going all? I’m at a crossroad here, trying to decide if I should have an LMS built to host my SCORM content and do some pretty unique things (which I would need to put in significant investment to do, and am prepared to do, if need be. However, that carries with it a good amount of risk) or if I could build something like that in bubble. The reason I’m asking now is that I don’t want to invest a significant amount of time learning the tool, only to find that it’s not going to work for my purposes. Because I’m a free agent, time misspent is money out of my pocket, and when working without a safety net, those are things you tend to avoid.
I am a big user of Articulate Storyline and two of the main things I’d like to accomplish with my LMS is 1) to be able to call to a completely different story from another one and 2) be able to enable spaced repetition so that if a user encounters something for the first time, it will prompt them to see it again after a period of time has passed. And once they’ve seen it the second time, a longer period of time will pass…
Is that all too lofty in Bubble? Anyone have any insight into whether or not you think I could do it here? If so, I’m ready to spend some time really getting to know the tool and building it.
Thanks so much in advance.


Bubble is completely capable of handling scenarios like this. One of the better LMS-type apps I’ve seen on Bubble so far is from @copilot. You can see an example of their courses here. While I wouldn’t consider it a full blown LMS, it’s definitely half-way there.


Any chance you can help some of with what LMS and SCORM mean?

LMS (I believe) means “Learning management system”
SCORM = “Shareable Content Object Reference Model” which is a specific way to make a LMS


There are plenty of tested LMS that implement SCORM successfully. Do not overcomplicate things by trying to replicate in Bubble.

Bubble is great, but one should know when it’s useful and when it’s not.
Bubble is vey useful when you want to get out there novel ideas quickly without coding. It’s not so great when you are just trying to replicate well established pieces of software even if it can be done.

On the other side if you want to learn Bubble, implementing an LMS is as good project as any other one because it can be done.

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A few months ago I did a short study on LMS platforms. There are great ones out there. It’s worth the time to go through what Capterra and G2 have.

@Kfawcett thanks for the link to Copilot. I like that interface.

I appreciate the help and suggestions. I have looked extensively into LMSs and I know there are great platforms out there, but what I’m really trying to accomplish is two things that do not seem possible with current LMSs. One, being the customizable spaced repetition solution and the other, the ability to call to other courses based on selections a user selects in a previous course, which is why I’m looking into building my own.



Hi James,

I had a similar situation - researching a tonne of LMSs and being unsatisfied by their features related to my specific needs in language training. I built LearnBook entirely on Bubble, check it out: https://youtu.be/vczZ1AcQD4s

PM me if you’d like to know more or have a chat.


Thanks so much for reaching out to me on this. This is the kind of project I’m wanting to do. I want to be able to have a “instructor” portal where they can upload and manage content in a “library” of sorts and then a student portal that they can only access the content that’s been curated for them. I’d love to hear about how you put it together and how you got started!

No problem, with pleasure. What time zone are you in? I’m pretty free this Friday if you’d like to have a chat.

Such a shame it suffers from the ‘endless space’ issue at the bottom of each page. It’s something that’s really putting me off bubble! https://withcopilot.com/content?course=Notifications

Hi! Late to this, but I’m trying to build something similar. Would love to hear how either of you went about doing this.

Hi Rico,

This looks good. Can I speak to you? I have some questions, as I am trying to build an LMS for career.

Hi Rico, congrats, your system is amazing. Im finishing something similar.

Hey everyone. I’m sorry I’ve been out of the Bubble forum for a while. Would anyone like to organise a 1-hour video call to talk about LMS building with Bubble? Here are 3 times next week I’d propose (3pm French time covers all possible time zones normally!).

I’ll publish the invitation to the top voted slot this weekend. Hope to speak to you soon!