Integrating SCORM into Bubble

Hi, just wondering has anyone tried integrating SCORM packages into a Bubble site/app so that e.g. test scores are saved in the bubble database for a given user?

Not looking to build a full LMS, but as we’ve developed some SCORM packages (for use on Moodle) I’m interested in seeing if we can use these on a Bubble site to keep track of / save user progress as they work through the stories (created in Articulate 360).

Hope that makes sense. All wisdom appreciated!

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Scorm no but lti yes. Easy using ltiaas

Thanks, that’s a great tip. Annoyingly I don’t think Articulate is LTI compatible / can generate LTI compatible output. Rather than rebuilding course content in another package, it would be great to figure out how to use SCORM with Bubble.

Hi, according to their documentation, this shouldnt be too hard to incorporate for you.

Shoot me a DM if you’re interested in my service.

Xapi should work. There is an npm package so you could turn that into a plugin.

Hi @teachamantofish, did you have a luck integrating SCORM into Bubble?
I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible but don’t know much about the requirements.

Is there even a SCORM compliant video player for Bubble?

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It just seemed too hard so I gave up on the idea - which is a bit annoying as it means we’re limited to current LMS’s which appear very inflexible (visually particularly) and overpriced for what we need :frowning: