Bubble as Service Provider in SAML Protocol

Hi everyone!

I’m on my way to migrate my app from another platform to Bubble, but right now there’s only one thing I need to work on: SSO with SAML protocol, as some of my users come from enterprise/company login. I’ve already talked to Bubble Support and the answer is: it should be possible (Thanks Jess Sommerville!).

Someone here used Bubble as SP in SAML Protocol? I would really appreciate someone to talk about the process or maybe a simple “this is how i did”.

Thanks in advance!

Did you ever figure this out? I’m looking to hire someone to build a plugin perhaps?

Not yet. But maybe you don’t need someone to build a plugin.

I know you can use something like OAuth and Okta in Bubble and elaborate an SSO and set your site here to be the Service Provider. However, I didn’t tested yet with my client who has his own Identity Provider.

I’m not the person developing the project so I don’t even know much about the technical details.


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