SAML Service Provider plugin (SSO)

Hi Everyone!
I am so please to announce my first public plugin!
This plugin allows you to set up your bubble application as a SAML service provider and authenticate your users with any IDP (ping, auth0, azure AD, etc…)

  • Here is a detail guide how to use the plugin to set up your application as a SAML SP
  • Here is a demo page to see the whole SSO flow working
  • Here is the plugin homepage on bubble
  • Here is the demo page (with access to the bubble editor)

Please feel free to contact me / Oxeler, if you need any help with getting the plugin working for your application. This is the first public version of this plugin and I am expecting some bugs but anything that will be reported will be fixed quickly



Very nice! Will this integrate with Okta’s SAML option?

Yes, it will work with OKTA (Okta is set up as the Identity Provider and your application as the Service Provider)

Can we use Google Identity Platform as IDP?

@maulik, the general answer is yes, but it is a lot easier to SSO with google using OpenID Connect / OAuth2, bubble actually have an official plugin for that (Google Sign-In Integration | Bubble).

do you have a specific use case where you would need to use SAML?