Bubble Automation

After being inspired by AirDev’s Canvas Service I’ve decided to play around with automating the bubble editor, I’ve created a really basic test that works where you can go to a bubble site and input an external bubble app id and a new page name and when you click new page it will create that page for you within a few minutes, I know it’s completely basic and wouldn’t take long to do it manually but it’s fully automatic and this just a basic test, I plan to create more advanced bubble automations in the future :slight_smile:



That was mean! “Unwithdraw”! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was truly interested in whatever Bubble Automation meant after seeing what you did with Figma :smiley:

Yeah I withdrew it because external users can’t try it out as I need to be on a professional plan for users to add me as a collaborator

I’ve reposted it without the demo link so you can see what I did

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Taking this one step further, I’m launching my own Company soon called Automation API which essentially will allow no coders to create simple & complex web automation scripts and have them run by a single HTTP API Call! So you can pretty much automate anything on a browser using a single web api call and my upcoming service :slight_smile:

The Beta launch will probably be in a few days or maybe more


Feel free to check out the site at https://automationapi.com Registration is currently disabled whilst I prepare for beta launch :slight_smile:

Not being funny, but I don’t understand why you’ve copied AirDev’s design? You should differentiate your design in my honest opinion, unless I am mistaken and you’re not offering something similar to them.

There is a whole world outside of Bubble. We all take inspiration from somewhere.

Pretty sure Airdev have taken inspiration from other sites when building things and are not accused of copying. Airdev provides wonderful products and they are probably not expecting someone from Dribbble to come here and accuse them of copying.

Let’s not spark a discussion about this.


My first tests were mainly to do with automating bubble which I was never going to make commercial because I knew of AirDev, I was inspired by AirDev however I came across an idea to make a completely generic web automation online software that I think is completely unique that allows anyone to create their own scripts and have it run online through a link not having to download any software like bots or anything like that, all the current automation software out there is all softwares that can be downloaded but don’t allow for external api use which is why I made this possible with my upcoming service. People can make bubble automation scripts if they want on my system, but it’s not a main use, it’s automation in general.

Hope this clears things up,
Joshua Riley


Like my upcoming service can integrate with bubble using the api connector, I also have plans to try and integrate with Zapier

I’ll agree that the actual UI design created using the Canvas platform but that’s free to use anyway, which is really good at building sites

I don’t quite understand where you are going with this lol. Dribble’s platform is an online community specifically designed for showcasing UI designs with the aim to gain interest in one’s work and also influence others. It’s dedicated specifically for this stuff, however, copying and pasting another website’s UI design is totally different. Maybe if a website’s UI was being showcased on Dribbble or a similar platform, I would understand. Also, I was merely asking to understand why he copied them because I think I’d be quite pissed off if someone copied my website’s UI. Apologies if my comment seemed rude or aggressive.

Once again, I apologise if I came off aggressive. I merely wanted some clarity because initially it looked like you were attempting to replicate AirDev’s service by simply copying and pasting but it’s now clear that what you’re offering is unique and on second thoughts very interesting!

The UI is done using their free to use UI building software Canvas, they offer this for commercial non attribution so I’m allowed to use their UI on my site

Oh ok Gotcha :ok_hand: