Ability to build a Canva like platform on Bubble

I was looking at creating an MVP for a tender platform that had similarities to Canva. Looking through the current sites I could see no tutorial or anything that seemed to allow the kind of requirements such a drag and drop then edit platform would have.
They wanted to query from the community, can something like Canva be created using Bubble, or is it too complicated and better to hard code, even for an MVP.


Yep! I’ve recently made a canvas like plugin to enable a feature similar to that in Bubble.

So in short you can get me, or someone else, to make an editable canvas element for you :wink:
This way you get all the benefits from Bubble that handles the web app heavy lifting plus the specific feature you need to propel your endeavor forward.

And by “me” I mean my company :joy: now I have help making stuff, but the habit of saying me isn’t gone yet. Click my profile here to see details.

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Hi. This plugin is available in the bubble app plugins store?

Nope, currently private. But if you tell me more in a private message then maybe I can get another one done for you :blush:

I was also trying to create something similar. Is it possible now?

any update?

you can check this plugin, this plugin support all the functionalities needed to clone any design app like PowerPoint, canva, vistacreate etc

and here is a live demo