Bubble Backend with Dropsource

Hey Bubblers,

Looking for help building a native mobile app on Dropsource with Bubble as my backend. I have all of the UI elements and the database already built in Bubble, so I just need help essentially recreating things in Dropsource. The app is fairly simple and I imagine that this won’t be too difficult a job for someone who is competent using the Dropsource platform. PM me and we can chat!


If you’re a fan of Dropsource, I won’t tell you not to use it. There is, however, another tool that builds native apps called Adalo, and the pricing is way more reasonable. Might be worth a look. Dropsource is great, I’m a fan, but the pricing is a bit tough if you’re just starting out.

Good luck!


Hey @andrewgassen. Very cool. Hadn’t heard of them. Checking them out right now. Have you used them before with Bubble as a backend?

Price is amazing. Didnt see if we can export the code. They only have 25 custom designed elements.

Thanks for sharing

I’m in process of experimenting with a Bubble backend over the next couple of months. Their Slack is quite active, and a number of Bubblers are there.

As far as their components go, they’re continuing to add more and will, at some point in the future, open up the ability to create custom components in code and share them via marketplace.

I do believe you get the code exported, but am not 100% sure.


Hey @andrewgassen have you been able to use Bubble as a backend to your Adalo app? Trying to do the same here, just don’t know where to start.

Wow!!! Thank you for sharing!

I don’t have a mobile app I’m currently working on, so I didn’t get too far down the road of tinkering with this before getting distracted by other things. Sorry!


Thanks a lot for sharing Adalo.

It looks very promising. Now, we just need someone who can put together a good tutorial on how we can use Adalo for the Frontend and Bubble as the Backend.

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Yes! This is where I’m stuck at the moment. I have everything built out in Bubble (SaaS) and Adalo (User App) and am struggling to POST into Bubble from Adalo using the API

Hi, I’m having the same problem right now.

Did you find a solution?