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Bubble Based Chrome Extension - Get current URL

@vladlarin Did you manage to do what you wanted? I’m starting a Chrome extension, and basically I need to get the current url and store it on Bubble…Thanks!

Hey Matt!

No, unfortunately we had to partk this project.
I did create a functioning google extension, but did not figure out how to pull the current url data in it.

However I believe I saw a few recent JS plugins posted by the community which apparently do that.
I’ll check out the forums and try to past the links here.

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Thanks Vlad…I managed to create a google extension too with WebdGap using a bubble page. Unfortunately, I’m stuck too with the Get current Url aspect…

I tried the Javascript to Bubble plugin, unfortunately it doesn’t return anything…

Anyone have any idea?

UP…Am I completely wrong with trying to do this with Jacascript to Bubble?

You can get the tab url by simply typing this in your JavaScript or open the web console and paste:


same here, any idea? :confused:

@mikethedj4 Thank you for making this available. I’m getting a completely blank extension when I try to create a extension out of my bubble app. Any idea why that might be?

I just saw on the website that as of April of this year this is no longer supported. I literally JUST missed it :cry:

Is there any other support for a similar solution? I’m trying to make a chrome extension out of my bubble app.

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I got my extension running very well, but i have no idea of how to get the current url of a tab. I’ve made dozens of experiments, but nothing. Does anyone had better luck?

Anyone got a solution to this? Also tried bunch of things but nothing worked.

i was trying some experiments but nothing… is there any good programmer around there who can help us? :pray:

In case anyone is still looking: