How to get current tab url - Bubble based chrome extension

I built a chrome extension page using bubble, but unable to get current tab url. I created a button with a workflow to run javascript and then used Javascript to Bubble plugin to get the url. But it is not returning anything. I’m a beginner in Javascript. Kindly help me with this!

Hey @jobtracker000,

A couple of options you can try (I have no knowledge of building Chrome extensions btw):

1) Bubble’s This url:


2) Javavascript, ‘window.location.href’

3) Did you Google/Stackoverflow it?

For example: How to fetch URL of current Tab in my chrome extension using javascript - Stack Overflow

Note you must have the `tabs` permission set in your manifest file

"permissions": [

or the `activeTab` permission if initiated by a click on the extension button[[Xan](]


chrome.tabs.query({currentWindow: true, active: true}, function(tabs){
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