Bubble Boost Day preview! (July 15–16)

@lindsay.esterman please please please add the ability to remove from browser history when using the navigation go to page action regardless of whether we are navigating to the same page as the action is on or not.

Currently, the option to replace the entry in browser history is ONLY available if we use the go to page action on a page and the destination page is the same as we are using the action on.
Screen Shot 2024-07-11 at 3.30.59 PM

The fact that it is not available all the time, really limits are abilities as developers to get certain functions just right for a great UX. This is especially true when we use Reusable Elements and they have the go to page action in their workflows since we NEVER get the ability to replace the entry in the browser history.

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@lindsay.esterman, dynamic expressions for in min/max width and height input fields for elements. Conditions do not offer enough flexibility.



This is a great initiative team, thanks! I run the Indian Bubblers community and this is what I got from lots of other Bubble devs. Let me know if it makes sense to priortize any items from here for future Bubble Boosts:

  1. Allow horizontal scrolling
  2. Adding vh in addition to % and px for the width and height
  3. Mark collapse when hidden option true by default
  4. Allowing icons to be specified dynamically (the way the Feather, Iconify plugins allow)
  5. API connector should allow the sending of binary data
  6. Del, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts work only when an element is clicked in the canvas and don’t work when clicked on the element tree
  7. Comments UI to be more “visible” - something like a dot to indicate that the element has a comment on it
  8. Default group min height = 0 (rather than 60)
  9. Option to delete/update a single condition when working with “only when” rather than deleting all of them just to update one.
  10. Nudge into the API connector when the “authorization” key is not “private”
  11. Nudge to restrict Google Maps key to the domain when going live.
  12. When creating a new reusable - container layout default to column/row, the default width should be at least 1080
  13. Option to copy URL of image when we are in File Manager.

This is so awesome! :sparkles: Here are some (hopefully small :relaxed:) ideas!

  1. The ability to set a standard group to float through a conditional (this is currently possible with a few lines of custom code but this would be much cleaner if it was an option)
  2. Collapse in height when hidden selected by default on all elements
  3. The ability to reorder fields through drag and drop in Create a New Thing and Make Changes to a Thing actions
  4. The ability to rename the color variables that come with each app
  5. The ability to reorder all color variables
  6. A :possessive operator for text expressions so that if the dynamic text ends in s then Bubble will append an ', but if the string doesn’t end in s then Bubble will append an ‘s. (e.g. Sarah:possessive would be Sarah’s, and Jess:possessive would be Jess’)
  7. A :plural operator that could be added to the end of any :count expression. When this is added, the developer would enter the type of results being shown and Bubble would display “[result]” if there is 1 result or “[results]” if there is not 1 result. For example, a user could have a text element that needs to say “Displaying 1 book” if the count is 1, or “Displaying X books” if the count is not 1. With this operator, the developer would enter their dynamic expression “Repeating Group of Books:count”, add “:plural”, then write the word “books” in a popout window. In preview mode, Bubble would automatically remove the ‘s’ in books if the count is 1.
  8. A ‘push overrides to defined style’ option where any overrides on an element would be quickly added to that defined style
  9. Ability to use decimals in border width
  10. The ability to position a popup anywhere on the page
  11. The ability to have padding on a repeating group
  12. A process with imgix checkbox on the Appearance tab of the image element, which then would show all of the options (it would be helpful to see those by default without clicking into the expression each time)
  13. An animation option to autoscroll a repeating group (e.g. a repeating group of company logos set to autoscroll so that they look animated)
  14. The ability to have gradient-style texts
  15. Groupfocus elements that resize in width and height (this would make creating navigation menus much faster)
  16. A dropdown element that allows for searching within the dropdown element
  17. The ability to toggle debug_mode on/off in the editor before previewing
  18. The “ON/OFF” text on conditionals being in a slightly different color if they are off
  19. The ability to disable a plugin instead of fully uninstalling it
  20. The ability to preload the :formatted as currency initial content values with the most recently used values instead of doing this from scratch each time
  21. The ability to reference the default data source of a group or repeating group in conditionals

Just 2 really simple ones that are random pain points if they could be addressed:

  1. Show the “Preview” on any page or reusable. If I’m on a reusable then just send me to the index page. Sometimes i need to just jump onto the site to test a branch and rather than going to index and losing my flow, its just easier if its always there in the top right fixed.
  2. If we use the “Clear expression” this should not delete the defined property, otherwise the trash icon is redundant. It’s useful to have when copying conditions and the dynamic expressions need to be changed and want to start from scratch.
    2024-07-12_10-55-26 (1)



Another option, make the Logs available through Api. Maybe too big for a hackathon but you never know with the talented Bubble developers. It will allow us to for instance build our own backend workflow error handling.

  • the ability to trigger a recurring workflow from the builder. And not needing to setup a random page just to trigger the initial first call.
  • Change datasource of a searchbox in conditional
  • Return data from a backend WF
  • ability to specify the datatype in app search tool for actions like make change, create a new thing
  • add a note to api calls (but not publicy visible pls)
  • better handle condition (don’t want to re write everything because I’m changing one in the midle)
  • dynamic expression to get a field’s name + true ability to rename a field name, maybe when optimize it rename it for real (because it is not changed in logs and so if we want to change a field name the only way is to create a new one and bulk it and be billed for it that’s crazy)
  • automatic note to get who the hell created a field and when !!!
  • display data in a reusable parameter (so like with groups)





I understand the bottleneck here : app version can be something else than test but not live

And if you change it to Is lversion live is yes, thousand of conditonal are dead

Good luck with this one

AND yes I will change it everywhere too !!!


I heard front end loops were coming, can it be finished out here? :pray:

Oooh I have another one… I make a lot of my own components with re useables and I rely heavily on Parameters. I’d love to be able to give a description as well as a name to my parameters on both custom workflows and re useables.

Another awesome thing would be to be able to re order these parameters to keep things neat

And lastly along the same lines it would be great to be able to have some workflows global, access to custom workflows in the backend available on the frontend.


Hi @Sarah_Esteve ,

Just for my understanding, why is this so important and what will it break? If I want to know if the app is test, or a branch or live I use regex to determine where we are. Wrap it in a state and you can do whatever you want with it.

I see a lot of long time bubblers in need of this so I think I am missing the point here :sweat_smile:

What about copy paste parameters from one element or workflow to another?

I think they built the expression like this because they can’t say “Is test version” on a branch because bran h aren’t literally “version-test” but like “version-xxuyz9”.
If they transform the expression in “Is live version”, a lot of people will have their condition broken, as they have used “Isn’t live version is yes” and “Is live version” can’t replace because this is the opposite.
Yes you can use regex to explore the url but this is a build in function so since the beginning I used to use it as a lot of us. @sem

No need to transform the old one. Just add ‘is live version’ and don’t allow the ‘isn’t live version’ expression to be used in new cases.

Allow us to change groups from Row to Column conditionally (proposed by Brenton Strine in Bubble’s Slack channel) .


To name a few:

  • Create list of things from any list type - no backend WF scheduling, no Copy list of things. Same as API “bulk” option but in the frontend, so that the list is available on subsequent WF.
  • Properlly finish the table element: (1) Ability to reorder rows and columns with drag and drop would be great, (2) being able to add static rows at the bottom (not only top) is a must for summary or totals section, (3) pagination, etc.
  • Return data from backend WF
  • Hability to translate Option sets natively, using App Text or alternative.
  • Value and currency formatting to be dynamic - hability to decide about decimal, thousand or curreny based on a database field. Alternatively, link it to App Text option.

Uh, hello? Who at Bubble added this? Can they get a raise?
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Add the ability to schedule a live release.


There should be a feature to send messages with the “enter” key for multiple input elements. It’s too bad that this is still a problem…