Bubble Bootcamp Module 1

Hello beautiful people :slight_smile: I’m Ilya, and I’m thrilled to be among you and learn so much from the Bubble bootcamp and Bubble community!
I joined the bootcamp a week ago, and during the past two days, I’ve been working on Module 1. Just two steps with a pop-up and an email separated me from completion (or I get some mistakes?)
Please review the work I’ve just finished; before submitting it, I’d appreciate some feedback.

P.S. I’ll update the design over the next few of days; my eyes are currently fatigued.
I will definitely find a solution for email, but I could need some assistance.

Hi Ilya, welcome to the forum.

We’ve not all taken your bootcamp, so could you kindly be more specific what you need assistance with.


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Hi Buddha!
Thank you!

Yaa, I got it now. I already joined the Discord No-Code Bootcamp community and asked other participants to review my work.

Here is the instruction: *
Add a simple icon, that when clicked, opens a popup with an input field that instructs the user to use it to submit any questions to the host (no prob here)
But here I need a help: “Upon submission, the message and the user’s name/email will be sent to the email of the host (in this case, you)”
I must find an alternative solution because I can’t send emails using sendgrid. I’ll start working on it today.

Hey, I got you referring to Airdev Bootcamp, and it’s Task 1.
You can approach it in two ways either you put your own email on the “To” field or reference the “Website Admin email”, which would link to the email you signed up for your bubble app.
Following is the screenshot. I hope it helps.

Also, I recommend ask such questions on relevant Discord channels.

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Hi Vizard!
I appreciate your help so much!

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