Bubble Built in Send Email Not Working

Hi Everyone,

For months I was using the built in bubble Send Email feature. I tested it several times and everything seems to work fine. Recently I logged into my app and noticed all of my email triggers no longer work. I reviewed the bubble logs and it appears everything is processing fine (Yet no emails get delivered). I currently do not use Sendgrid or any other external API to send email (Just the built in bubble feature). I also currently use the personal bubble plan (Not sure if they changed anything with regards to email limits).

Any thoughts as to why this is not working would be great.


There is no problem, just like you said, there is no API or anything special, just Built-in email sending action. You can test it out here. I could not find a problem. In rare cases, actions or elements can be broken in Bubble. If you are sure of what you are doing (email address is correct or where you pull the dynamic data is correct etc.) then try deleting the action and creating a new one. If you’re getting the same trouble, you can try deleting the buttons that trigger that action.

Are the emails only going to one address? Or are you sending to various addresses? If the former, then test it with some other email addresses (including ones on different providers) to ensure it’s not an issue with an email provider rejecting Bubble’s emails.

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