Bubble built on bubble

So Bubble was built on bubble Does that mean that we could create a not real bubble using Bubble?

The Bubble web site was built on Bubble. I don’t believe the editor was built on Bubble.

That’s correct, the editor is built natively in JS, but everything else, including account management, marketplace, subscriptions, etc is built on Bubble.

In fact, see this


Thanks for sharing this @emmanuel
Very interesting to see it from the other side
PS: I hope to never become a “bad guy” (as user attribute) :joy:

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This was actually just one of those random thoughts that occasionally pop into mind. I basically asked it because from my currently limited familiarity with it I couldn’t see how the editor could be recreated in Bubble. I greatly appreciate the feedback. It was interesting to say the least. I still find it fascinating watching it work and sometimes finish up some of the expressions I’m building on its own. I’ve found nothing else like it.

Other side? Bad user? Guess I’m slow today. I don’t follow. :unamused:

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interesting the custom icon plugin

I was talking about the user type within the app that Emmanuel shared, there is an attribute called ‘bad guy’