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Is this possible to build in Bubble?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m looking at creating a website that allows a user to submit various data points and then allow any site visitor to look if that person they are looking for has submitted data (without being able to see the actual data). If the person they are looking for has submitted data they could then purchase this information which would be sent through email. I’m wondering if this would be possible with Bubble and if their is any specific ways you would suggest going about this.

Thanks you for your help, I REALLY appreciate it!


Hi Simon, welcome to the bubble forums!

The short answer is that yes, if I understand your idea correctly, you can build that idea with bubble.

The long answer might be worth a read though

Bubble is a powerful no-code (aka visual programming) platform for building robust, feature rich applications. It’s primary focus is web application development although native mobile applications are also possible, albeit with (currently) limited official support.

For me, bubble’s draw is:

  1. it’s extremely low learning curve versus traditional, code based development
  2. it’s interoperability with 3rd party API’s
  3. a modern, responsive what you see is what you get canvas for designing and layout
  4. affordable tiered pricing, making it accessible to anyone who’s serious about building.
  5. a great community here on the forums and a dedicated, active development team (shameless plug :slight_smile:)

Although it’s definitely possible to build fully functioning applications with zero code using bubble, it’s important here to distinguish “coding” and “programming”. Without getting too deep into it, code is the “language” that computers are able to interpret and execute as a series of commands that result in something useful for people to interact with. Programming, by contrast, is the overall approach to developing functioning software.

There’s more to it than that, of course, and a lot more opinions than that as well, but one way to look at bubble is as a visual programming tool with a profoundly low learning curve. Truly anyone who has the will to can learn how to program with bubble.

That said, it still is programming. It is super helpful to approach building something in bubble with a programming mindset. If you have no experience with programming, bubble is a perfect platform to learn on! Not only can you do pretty much anything programmable with bubble but you can do it FAST (there are limitations, mind…for example, you can’t launch a rocket with bubble…yet ;)).

You can also do it by yourself. Traditionally, you’d have to either be very talented, very experienced or very dedicated and likely all of those to build out apps people are building by themselves all the time here with bubble.

So, to answer your question - I dunno if what you are proposing is possible to build on bubble. Its an intriguing idea, no question about that. It needs more detail though.

Make sure you’ve done all the tutorials, then start building away. If you don’t understand something, read the documentation/watch a tutorial and try again. If it’s still really hard to get what you are trying to get done, done - search the forums. There’s a WEALTH of information on here. If you can’t find the answer there - ask away!

Make sure you check out @romanmg and subscribe to coaching bubble’s mailing list. Check out @iamsalar for some wicked screen casts. @vlad over at Airdev has awesome free widgets you can deconstruct for seriously illuminating insights.

I hope you start bubbling away, I’m really interested to see what you might build!


Thanks very much for taking the time to answer my question. It is very helpful and I appreciate your detailed reply.


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