Bubble Chart Plugin

Is it possible to plot multiple series using the Bubble Chart plugin? It seems as if it should be possible, as the series is labeled “Series 1”, but there aren’t checkboxes to enable multiple series or inputs for a series 2 or 3. I know it’s possible using other plugins but am curious about the Bubble one specifically.

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I haven’t used charts much, but imagine you could add another chart on top of the first one. Not a complete solution, but might be a hack that works in some scenarios.

Curious how others are doing this…

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@emmanuel is adding multiple series to the Bubble Charts plugin a possibility?

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I did exactly that, using amCharts free version, which allows you to chart 2 series.
Part of the problem with overlaying data is that the scales will be different, based on the maximum number in the data being charted. I figured out a workaround:

A little background: In my chart, I wanted to show practice times for my students per day. They have 4 different activities that they have to practice, so there is total practice time and 4 different individual times. The ideal solution would have been 5 series on one chart. Here’s what I did instead:

I set up the first chart showing Total practice time as series 1, and activity A as series 2.

If I had then set up the second chart as just activity B, the problem is that over the past month, if the max time for activity A was 20 minutes, and for activity B was 10 minutes, the Y-axes would have two different scales and I wouldn’t be able to overlay the charts.
So, I copied the first chart, left series 1 as the total practice time, and changed series 2 so that it reflected Activity B instead of activity A. Using the coordinates for the exact size and offset of the chart, Chart B superimposed perfectly on Chart A. I continued for all practice activities, assigning a different colour to each, and then made a legend manually, by drawing boxes with the different colours and using text fields to identify them.


Hi Krisia,

Good tips, thanks! Question though, did that not create a sizable lag as you probably had 4+charts on top of eachother, all doing at least two requests to the database?